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News Updates

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Kenshi - An open ended, squad-based Strategy RPG
More Beast Designs
Thursday, 04 September 2014 12:56

Here are some of the latest 3D beast models for Kenshi's planned wildlife. First up are Otto's designs - all that's left now is for the rigging and animation:



And, in case you missed the posts on Facebook or Twitter, here is one of the latest models from Bug Zen too:


Design & 3D modeling by Linda MacGill
3D adjustments by Stephan Samosevich

Dialogue & 64-Bit Victory
Friday, 29 August 2014 11:03

Good news! The new 64-bit engine is officially finished!

Now all that's left to do is for Sam to finish up the pathfinding system, then the next update will be ready for release. We still don't have an exact finish date, so please hold on a while more for an ETA.


In other news, we've taken on a freelance writer, Harald Hagens, for the next three weeks. He'll be working on writing dialogue for NPCs - this should give all the local inhabitants and bandits a little more 'soul', depth and meaning.  With this, NPCs will show memory and reactions to situations, to you as a player.



For example, town people may recognize earlier encounters of you saving their lives; bandits may start a fight with dialogue, rather than blindly attacking you on sight. The improved AI should make the world a whole lot more reactive and consequential in the future.


Slow But Steady
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 14:55

There have been a lack of updates recently while we work on the more complex jobs of the pathfinding, 64-bit engine and new world biomes. However, Sam has been making good progress and will hopefully be finished with the pathfinding and 64-bit engine soon.

That being said, when we take the potential bugs and glitches into account, it could still be a few more weeks until this next update - it's best not to announce an exact finish date until we are more sure, otherwise people just get mad and frustrated. Hence our quiet last few months while we get the game into a more stable state.


In other news, Chris has started working on the new stealth and thievery abilities. This should add a nice bit of variety for all those sneaky player types. Also, Maykol started work with us today so we now have an extra programmer to speed things up.

Four Become Six
Thursday, 24 July 2014 13:01

Updates and announcements are a little slow at the moment while we work on the 64-bit build to fix the super crash (see previous post) and take on the mammoth-sized job of the new world map. Development-wise, I don't have any other news than that, but what I can announce is that the Lo-Fi team has expanded!



Up until only last November 2013, Lo-Fi Games was still just a one-man project with Chris working hard at the helm all on his own. Of course, Kenshi successfully made it on to Steam’s Early Access not long before, so this meant Chris could afford to hire two new team members: First came Sam, our first additional programmer to Chris, and then Olly, our first 3D artist. Shortly after, I joined in January (happy times).



Rezzed 2014: Chris, Olly, Sam and Natalie with neighbours

Sergio and Balbino, creators of Enola


So now I’d like to officially welcome two new team members: Already started this month is Otto, a 3D artist from Sweden who will start work on modeling Kenshi’s beasts and wildlife; and starting next week is Maykol, a programmer from Uruguay who will hopefully begin work on the weather system.

New World
Friday, 04 July 2014 00:00


Over the last few months, Olly has been working hard on the new world map - a whole world, 4x bigger to completely replace the current one. This will have a great variety of different biomes: Swamp Lands, Savannas and Tar Sands... just to name a few.
To all the fans of the current look though: don't worry, there will still be a desert biome as well. Check out some of Olly's experimental work-in-progress landscapes...

Experimental biome
The process involves selecting a small area of heightmap (a huge greyscale texture) from the main world map, and loading it into ZBrush. Here, Olly sculpts it into it's basic shape, for example cliffs, hillocks, dunes, bluffs, gulleys, cracked planet skin, arid features or swampy bogs. He then uses another editor, World Machine, to play around with features like erosion and terraces, before tweaking a bit more in ZBrush again.
Eventually during these process, he'll need to render out a heightmap  and various textures  - colourmaps, convexity maps, maybe angle, splatmaps or other information from macro's in that program. Then, this new heightmap would essentially be 'sewn' back into the original super-huge world greyscale heightmap.

The textures are added after developing the overlay map - this gives the land surface it's basic colour. Loose stones, sand, mud, dried lava flows, cliff beds etc, can all be then be added as textures for the surface of each individual region.

Early stages of a volcanic crater

These and the normal maps that go with them then get applied to the world surface super easily thanks to the mapping systems of the Kenshi coders, Sam and Chris. Olly will then rebuild the world and load the game to check the results. Often excitement then turns to a huge list of fixes...
Remember - all of the above images represent an unfinished, experimental state; they are not a final representation of the finished world map.
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