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News Updates

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Kenshi - An open ended, squad-based Strategy RPG
October Progress
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 18:06

Here's our progress this month:

    Dialogue & AI Programming is at 99%, but the actual content is at 5%.

    Stealth Programming is at 90%, but stealth content is at 5%.

    Beast Programming is at 80%, while content, again, is at about 5%.

    Weather System Programming is almost finished at 95%, but with 0% content.

    Pathfinding is at 95% completion


In a little more detail, here is a list of features we've managed to finish so far, all ready to be released with the next update once the pathfinding is stable enough:

  • Creatures are now mostly coded in. Introducing the Beak Thing, a blind carnivorous giraffe/bird creature.
  • Added stealth!
  • 64-bit version available. 32-bit version will continue, but will get occasional crashes.
  • New dialog/AI hybrid system that takes into account situation details and remembers what you've done in the past.
  • Thugs and bandits can now harass and rob you rather than always attacking on sight.  Thugs in town can insult you, then go outside the gates and jump you when you leave town.  NPCs can follow and chase you while they talk or threaten you, and know the difference if you are running away.
  • Changes to relation system, fighting someone in the middle of nowhere has very little effect on faction relations.  Individuals can be perceived as temporary enemies or allies.
  • A new terrain engine was necessary for the 64bit build.  It looks worse than the old one because we've run out of texture units, but only until we upgrade to DX11, then it should look better again.
  • NPC AI now has a schedule.  They go to bed at night.  Shopkeepers shoo you out of their shop at closing time and lock up for the night.
  • Buildings can now have multiple floors
  • Characters are less disadvantaged by being outnumbered, your lvl 50 warrior can now take out a group of starving bandits without getting mobbed. Basically they will miss more often as he moves around and dodges.
  • More details added to the GUI, including visible calculations for character stats and penalties.
  • Multi-threaded resource loading for smooth creation of models and textures.  Shorter loading hiccups when moving around the map.

The longer Sam takes finishing the pathfinding system, the more content gets into the next update.

Reddit AMA Starts
Thursday, 09 October 2014 10:04

I'm doing a Reddit IAMA today (thursday 9th) starting now.  Ask us anything about the game, development, myself, the team, the history/future etc.

My Reddit username will be Captain_Deathbeard

Reddit AMA
Thursday, 02 October 2014 09:44

Chris will be doing a Reddit AMA next Thursday 9th October from 11am GMT. Maybe you have some burning questions about the current update-in progress or maybe you just want to ask him about his favourite type of pie - whatever floats your boat...


It will start from 11am GMT (that's 7am EST and Midday British Summer Time), lasting the whole day. Drop by and say hi!

September Progress
Thursday, 25 September 2014 13:02

So here's the progress we've made so far this month - complete with percentages and charts n stuff due to popular demand ;) :



Dialogue & AI: The actual foundations/ programming of the dialogue are like 75% done, but there just isn’t much actual content yet. Content is <5%. The good news for this though, is that modders will have a lot more power and stuff to play around with.


Stealth: The stealth function itself is pretty much complete, just needs fine-tuning. This will allow you to sneak past enemies etc, and in later updates open up the doors for stealing (once actual steal-able content is added). AI is now scheduled, so shopkeepers now close their shops at night and shoo you out, and guard shifts and patrols change, later leading to possible burglarising. So not much thievery to do yet, but you can use the skill for escaping cannibal camps and avoiding bandits.


Pathfinding: The bane of us all... The foundations have pretty much all been finished for a while now, it’s just a matter of ironing out the butt load of bugs which keep cropping up, hence why we keep saying ‘it’s nearly finished, just a few more weeks now’. So apologies if ETA predictions in the past have felt misleading, at least now we’ve learned our lesson not to be too hasty with our ETAs.


Beasts: The good news is that beasts are going much quicker than we’d originally planned for. It’s still early stages, so at the moment all they can do is basic actions like running and walking. Just need to work on ragdoll and combat animation, plus more normal beast behaviour AI (the unfinished dialogue AI has been making them say some pretty random, hurtful stuff).



Weather System: Maykol has pretty much finished with the programming for the weather system so now we just need to start on the actual animation and visuals. Later on down the line the different weather will harm characters, damage machinery, ruin farms… that sort of thing. But that’s way ahead.


World Map: This won’t be released until nearer release in the beta version. The terrain is mostly finished now but it still needs most of the texture and foliage doing. We’ve still not started on towns and cultures yet either so it would be too dull to release without more content in it.


At the border of the Swamp Lands

More Beast Designs
Thursday, 04 September 2014 12:56

Here are some of the latest 3D beast models for Kenshi's planned wildlife. First up are Otto's designs - all that's left now is for the rigging and animation:



And, in case you missed the posts on Facebook or Twitter, here is one of the latest models from Bug Zen too:


Design & 3D modeling by Linda MacGill
3D adjustments by Stephan Samosevich

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