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News Updates

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Kenshi - An open ended, squad-based Strategy RPG
Update 0.67
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:59

Again like the last update, I have focused on making it more stable for now and avoided adding any major new code.  There are however a few new crafting additions.

0.67.0 "Small things, stable things"
If your game was getting clogged up and slowing down, try importing to a new game now.

  • Added a cloth crafting bench, and a load of clothing blueprints to buy
  • Added in Drifter Leathers armour set to crafting list
  • Leather armour now needs leather to make it with, new leathermaking bench added.
  • New storage box models
  • New storage boxes for chainmail, leather, armour plates, wheat, water, hemp
  • Tweaked the "Cannibal hunters" start, it was designed as a quickstart for players at Rezzed, so it's a little less easy now.  Still too easy though.


  • Fixed the crossbow upgrades not taking effect
  • Fixed a memory leak and some bugs in the NPC squad spawning
  • Fixed the cannibals being non-aggressive at home
  • Fixed hair texture on head sometimes not showing
  • Fixed the dark red inventory icons


Update 0.64
Monday, 24 March 2014 17:55

Turrets are the main feature this time. They still need a bit of tweeking and balancing but you can now research and build them.
Only crossbow turrets are in for now, harpoon turrets will basically be the next tech level on from them, but I would like to wait and see how the feedback from the first turrets is first.

Of course this will lay the foundation for personal crossbow weapons later on.


  • Added crossbow turrets!
  • Added a get up off the floor animation, as a temporary improvement to the medical system feel
  • Improved the encounter rate, so hopefully you will run into bandits more, like in older versions.
  • Toughness XP is based on amount of damage received, instead of enemy attack skill. More pain = more gain.
  • New sky system now in place
  • Medkits in your inventory have GUI bars to show how full/empty they are.


  • Combat sword hit-boxes and ranges have been refined, so less missing your targets
  • Characters who cant carry anyone because they've got an injury will let you know, instead of just standing there
  • Wounded arms now stop dangling once healed
  • Stacking medkits won't re-charge them, they will merge instead.
  • Fixed the AI for the "bodyguard" task. It can also now be shift-clicked to make it a permanent job.
  • Renamed city of Catan to "Capan" since I found out "Catan" is already the name of a well-known boardgame.
  • Fixed the vanishing hair bug


New turrets
There will be more regular updates over the next few weeks at least, including new walls and crafting stations, and possibly more turrets.
The new pathfinding system will be ready in a few weeks and will solve a lot of bugs with walls, gates and teleporting NPCs. It will also allow for some fun new features in the future.

When we finally start populating the new world map we can integrate these new features into the game a bit more. AI towns and outposts can make use of new models and they will have their own turrets for defence. Stone and metal resources, as well as farming and new resources, will be map location dependent. The current system of bandit assaults will be more based on their faction and town health, and you'll be able to sort them out by wiping them out or assassinating their leaders. Towns will also be designed better to better allow for defence, stealth, thievery, sabotage. We also have new building types coming in, and I've even put in the groundwork code for animals, although that feature is still a ways off (animals are still in concept phase).


  • You can now purchase Kenshi with bitcoins.
  • We're going to the Rezzed game festival next week ( Stop by our stand to say hi! Or come by afterwards for a drink!
Update server down
Monday, 10 February 2014 07:34

The auto-update server will be down for a little while while I migrate it to something better and faster.  This won't affect Desura and Steam updates of course.  In the meantime you can get the latest version (0.62.1) installer from the download link on the right.

When you start the non-Steam game you'll get an error message saying something like cannot connect to server.  Just ignore it.

Update 0.62
Friday, 07 February 2014 13:28

Here we go, my main focus for this update has been to fix the worst problems rather than adding new stuff.
The biggest fix was a big memory leak, which should fix, or at least reduce the dreaded "Super crash" that people were getting after long play sessions.

In the background Sam is working on the pathfinder overhaul that should fix all the movement/pathing related bugs, so hold off with any movement based bug reports until then. He should have that ready in about a month. Regular updates can still happen before then though.

As usual an import to a new game world is recommended but not required.


  • Your base will get randomly assaulted by dust bandits, starving bandits, and sometimes cannibals.
  • Sometimes the hungry bandits will try to rob you and take all your resources. Lock up your storage boxes in a safe building!
  • Added the Splinting feature back in. Splint kits now work, but can only be used on arms and legs. It's automatically done during first aid if the medic has a splint kit.
  • Added auto-save to the options
  • Shopkeepers and their bodyguards won't keep running out to save the town, all town guards won't stray too far from a town when chasing down enemies
  • Shortened some of the level 1 research, all research 25% faster, building speed 2x slower
  • Added a new farming village, planning to do more with it later


  • I fixed a pretty significant memory leak, so hopefully that fixes or at least improves the "super crash"s
  • dust bandit raids now go home after defeating you
  • added in female backpack models and a few other clothing tweaks
  • Fixed a ton of bugs in the faction assault system
  • Fixed a bug that gave all hungry bandits a +5 to combat skills
  • Fixed the "Failed to load compositor" crash that some systems were getting. (untested)
  • Fixed the multiplying/vanishing shopkeepers when big changes made to the population options (import required to restore shopkeepers)(untested)
  • Put error logging and "save failed" warning message to try and catch the cause of corrupt savegames
  • Fixed KO time increasing when loading game
  • Many crashes fixed from player crash dumps
Medical System Update 0.61.0
Friday, 24 January 2014 17:19

I had a random moment of genius and came up with this idea to revamp the medical system, I think it improves the combat and game balance pretty nicely.

I've rushed it out already because there are important crash fixes that needed releasing, but I also intend to implement leg damage properly, so you have to crawl if your legs are damaged.

Here are the new rules to the medical system:

  • If a vital bodypart (head/chest/stomach) goes below 0, then it causes a knockout
  • A knockout is based on a timer countdown.  The time is a total of all the characters damage, including bloodloss (head counts for double time, limbs count for half)
  • Once this timer counts down to 0, the character can get up again if his vital parts are still above -50
  • Vital bodyparts slowly degenerate when they are below 0 (unless bandaged).  So once its below -50, you will die without medical attention.
  • Once a vital bodypart degenerates below the -50 point he will go into a coma and can't wake up until all vitals are above 0 again.
  • If blood goes below 0, he will KO.  However once the KO timer runs out and blood goes above 0 and he gets up again, the next KO point for bloodloss will be -25.  This allows him to fight a bit more, gets him closer to risk of death, and prevents the "constantly getting up then going down again in one hit" problem.
  • So a character can get up and fight again with, say, -30 chest damage.  He will go down again instantly if he is hit in the chest, and it will be worsening the whole time if he doesn't get it bandaged
  • As before if a vital bodypart reaches -100 then it means death
  • If a non vital bodypart (eg an arm) goes below -100 then it will cause slow bloodloss until death.  Eventually I will implement severance, so -100 will mean you lose the limb and will need a robotic replacement.

The end result:
After a battle, some characters may die, some may lose limbs, some will go into prolonged comas, others will recover and heal themselves or die later.  They never get stuck in a limbo state where they are unconscious forever.  Battles are more interesting.

New toughness stat:

  • I said before that you reach a critical point of no return when your health goes below -50.  That was a lie, the actual number is based on your toughness and can range from -10 to -80 if you are mega-tough.
  • Toughness stat is increased primarily by getting hurt.
  • Toughness has a huge XP bonus if you are fighting while critically wounded or crippled
  • You earn a huge toughness XP reward if you force your characters to get up and fight again while they are down and "Playing dead" so that the enemy leaves.  'Cus that's a tough thing to do.  The bonus is also multiplied by how many of them there are.
  • Affects damage resistance instead of Melee Defence


  • Way more bandits
  • Stats window has more useful information, derived stats and training advice
  • blood recovery rate reduced from 0.5 to 0.3
  • Cannibals use clubs so victims don't die on the way to the cages
  • Cannibals are a little stronger to compensate for using clubs
  • Fixed shopkeepers not coming back to their shops
  • Fixed stats of Sleeveless longcoat
  • Fixed that random crash that was going on
  • Fixed some rare crash on load bug

Environment WIP

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