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1st Alpha Release October 31st
Written by Chris   
Friday, 28 October 2011 13:09

The game is all packaged up and ready to go now.  I have a couple of testers finding last minute bugs for me, and the game is now playable, if a little empty.  Remember though, its not even close to representing the final game, I'm barely getting started.  The final map will be bigger and full of stuff and there will be all sorts of things to do.  For now though, more detailed information is here


  • There wont be much to do at first, except wander from town to town getting in fights and looting.
  • The medical system is incomplete, and for now healing will be simplified
  • AI will also be very limited compared to the final version.
  • The terrain will be bare and empty of features and graphical effects, wind, shadows etc
  • There's not much in the way of variety, all characters will pretty much look the same.  Not much in the way of clothing or hair, and currently no females.
  • The world map is smaller and emptier than it will be.
  • Performance will likely increase at a later date
  • The pathfinding is buggy
  • There is no day/night cycle, water, weather, or wildlife
  • There is no sound
  • There is no blood
  • There's only a couple of basic factions.


The game will be up for sale from the main website here, as well as on desura (  In the free demo version you won't be able to raise your skills above level 20, and you can't recruit any more characters to your team.

Last Updated on Friday, 28 October 2011 13:31