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Release Date 0.40
Written by Chris   
Friday, 08 February 2013 14:43

The 0.40 update will be ready in the next few days.  I will call it 0.39 and release it in the testers forum first, because with all these new features it will no doubt be riddled with bugs.  After about a week of testing and bug fixing I will properly release version 0.40 through the auto-updater and everything.

So its about a week and a half, but you can play with it early next week if you want to get the test release.

Remember, once 0.40 is released, the price will be going up!  So be sure to buy it soon if you have been putting it off.

I'm also working on setting up another interview, with someone more professional this time and it will be a youtube video, so I'll put the link up when its done.


Here's the 2nd finished outfit.  It's going to be worn by a warrior monk faction who will specialise in unarmed combat when its finally added.

Monk robes

Last Updated on Friday, 08 February 2013 14:54