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I will add known fixes here over time. Most things can be fixed by making sure you install everything from the dependencies folder.
Since updating, the game crashes shortly after everything is loaded. It happens even if I start a new game.
You need to re-install fresh, make sure to delete all your old kenshi folder first (or it wo), and back up your saves.
I have a laptop with 2 video cards. At startup the game only recognises the crappy onboard card, but does not list the good one.
Its a problem with nVidias Optimus driver stuff. To fix this, you need to go into the nVidia control panel and add the game there. Once the game is added, you need to explicitly set it to use the nVidia card instead of Intel as that's not the default setting when you add a new game.

Same if you have the problem with an ATI card, you need to add kenshi in the ATI Catalyst Control panel.

OR, this is how i fixed it without optimus installed, using just the NVIDIA control panel:
I tried the nVidia control panel thing you said, but the kenshi launcher still only shows my crappy Intel card
Don't worry, the launcher is lying. If you did the fix shown above then the game will run using your nVidia card.
When I press OK on the config screen, another config screen pops up, then crashes when I press OK again
Since updating, the game crashes when I try to start/import load a new game on the titlescreen
This is some kind of file mix-up error. You can fix it by doing a fresh install. Make sure to delete the whole kenshi folder first, then install. You can backup the SAVE folder first if you want to protect your savegames.
the game doesnt run at all, or it crashes after I click OK in the config window
1st, Make sure you didn't install in any kind of windows /Program Files/ folder. Windows likes to break games in the program files folders.

2nd, try running the game as Administrator. If you have steam version, go to the local game files, find kenshi_STEAM.exe and right click->run as administrator.

3rd Make sure you actually have a PC capable of running games. You don't need a great videocard, but its not going to run if you have a stone-age video card or a cheap on-board intel card. It needs at least pixel shader 3.0 and vertex shader 3.0
I get a "Super Crash" very regularly, and it makes the game unplayable!
We're currently working on a 64-bit version of Kenshi that should fix this.
I get an error when trying to run the game from DESURA:
"There was an error during the MCF install process and it has been stopped.
The tool Visual Studio Redist 2010 x86 failed to install (Bad result) [37.0]"
This problem is something to do with Desura. Run the kenshi.exe directly from the folder instead.
I can get to the opening screen, but the New Game option instantly causes a crash
It is likely your graphics card can't support the game. You need vertex and pixel shader support. This is often a problem with non-gaming laptops.

OR if you updated from an old installer (0.22.0) it can cause this. Download the latest installer and re-install.
The game crashes right after I press OK in the config window
You have to install directX9. Directx11 doesnt count, its a separate thing. Go to the kenshi/dependencies folder for an installer.
If that doesn't work, update your graphics card drivers.
Desura crashes when I try to launch the game
-1st try "verify files" to make sure the game installed properly
-Then make sure you install the physX and directX from the dependencies folder.
-Then try running the game direct from the install folder, instead of desura.
-Try running _core.exe as administrator
All the terrain is garbled like this: Image
Try turning the shadows off in the options. If that doesn't work, try entering any building, that often clears it up for the rest of the gameplay session.
Also make sure your graphics card drivers are totally updated.
The terrain is invisible, or I get holes in the terrain, like this:
The main fix for this is to update your video card drivers.
People have also reported different solutions.
-one guy fixed it by turning on vsync
-another fixed it by running in windowed mode
-another fixed it by switching off anti-alias
If you still can't fix it, start a new post in this forum.
It crashes when I enter a building!
It reaches the character creation screen then crashes!
Make sure you set the color depth to 32 bit, not 16 bit.
It seems to be some kind of video card issue. Try updating to latest drivers. If that fails:
Go to the options and set "No Terrain Cutting". You will find some building interiors now have terrain overlapping them inside, sometimes obscuring things. But at least it wont crash.

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Steam Users and Crashes

Steam has a nice little tool called Validate files
in case your game has crashed and becomes unstable it has been shown that this can fix you up after a crash. Its not a fix all but it has been proven to work many times.

In your game library locate your Kenshi game
data folder.png
data folder.png (54.75 KiB) Viewed 7294 times
Right click on Kenshi a popup menu will open up
Look for the label called Properties and click that.
Steam Properties.png
Steam Properties.png (58.65 KiB) Viewed 7294 times
A new window will open up.
Kenshi Properties.png
Kenshi Properties.png (22.4 KiB) Viewed 7294 times
Look for the table labeled Local Files and click that.
you will now see this.
Kenshi Properties 2.png
Kenshi Properties 2.png (13.84 KiB) Viewed 7294 times
Click "Verify Integrity of game cache"

It will take a minute or two but it will go thru your Kenshi date files and find any corrupted ones and fix them. This fix will not fix everything. but is a lot easier than deleting Kenshi and redownloading it.

For Non-steam to keep your game updated, run the WyUPDATE application to make sure that your non-Steam copy of the game is patched to the most current version.

Missing File permission errors
Please read about Missing File Permission errors
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